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    You just stumbled upon ZooPill, a zoophilia forum for the black-pilled. You probably know another popular forum, BeastForum, so you may wonder why there was a need for another zoo forum.

    The main reason why I felt a new one was necessary is that BF is a bit of a blue pilled site. It seems excessively female-oriented , with most content catering to male dogs fucking human females and a large quantity of male orbiters who aren't even necessarily zoophiles but want to watch. As a very black-pilled man, this irked me to no end. It is bad enough that the female sexual market value has increased so much that it has become virtually impossible for the average man to meet and approach a random female, whether online or offline, with the intention of carrying this further than friendship but this clearly inflated their SMV to the stratosphere.

    As a user of black-pilled communities, I also frequently came across the so called "Dog Pill", where non-zoos actually lament the fact that a lot of human females would rather choose a dog over a random man. I have come out as a zoophile who fucks female horses there, which was met with mixed responses, some rational, some the typical irrational shock and disgust, which for men who feel rejected by society is rather hypocritical to say the least.

    Another thing about BF that not only makes it seem female-centric, but probably even female-ruled is the rules there. It is very heavily regulated and censored. It clearly feels like an SJW "Safe Space" and the anti-pedophilia stance there is so strict that one can't even say "When I was a child/teen", or even "When I returned home from school". This is simply asinine. A lot of zoophiles did in fact have such feelings very early in their childhood. To add insult to injury they have a rule against "extreme" fetishes like "piss / scat". Yes, way to lump both in the same category just by framing it this way. We tolerate both anyway, if you don't like a thread, don't read it.

    To add insult to injury, their board uses old software and looks like it was made in 1998 or something. For the chat room they cling to Flash. They have a suggestion & feedback thread but anything you suggest is frowned upon and you might even get bad community points for daring to criticise the status quo. All these considerations made me want to create a community for black-pilled men, hence "The ZooPill". I hope we can make this work. Note that females aren't banned from joining and participating, even if you fuck male dogs. You will however not feel like at one of your safe-spaces, though paradoxically might feel less annoyed by hordes of worshippers as it is against this site's rules to worship female humans.

    The site just got started so this guest message and some other things are clearly a work in progress.

    MareLover - Forum Administrator

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