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    Alternative bestiality forum to beastforum

    We ended up building instead, however i wish you the best here. This forum is alittle more niche.
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    Announcement To the anonymous guest who contacted me

    I don't support sexual contact with immature animals. If anything that would be closer to a zoo sadist who enjoys the harm of immature animals. Children ≠ Animals Pedos ≠ Zoos Animals are sexual creatures, Children are not. Look at a mare in heat, shes about as definitive description of...
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    Announcement will close permanently

    Indeed you are more along the lines of a ZGTOW. You would wait for a NAWALT (Not all women are like that) type who isnt the stereotypical controlling bitch, but that will be hard to come by in modern times. It is easier, safer and fulfilling to enjoy a life of zoo at this time period.
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    Fucking a horse is considered a sex offense in Oregon

    This is why you don't fence hop.
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    A Peculiar Thing About Human-canine Sex, Cross species better than same?

    Sex feels good, and you don't have to be human to realize it. Its only natural when we have cross-species pleasure.
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    Wow, this site looks fantastic!!

    Glad I found this site as well. Its a breath of fresh air.
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    Sorry. :/
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    Announcement will close permanently

    Thank you for this new forum!