Gothpill - The Real Redpill

Sexdolls are a form of easement against loneliness.

Theoretically, sexdolls could be made in the form of female furries, monstergirls, or even animals themselves -- for a much higher price, of course.

Ergo, sexdolls and/or furry masks are the only way to realistically take the zoopill.

That's the good thing about sexdolls. If you have enough money, you can get them in almost any form you want, hypothetically.
Let's be honest here folks: MGTOW is a misnomer.

No one here has gone their own way (not voluntarily anyway). No one.

Not one incel or chadlarper.

Even if there were one or two genuine "MGTOW" chads here and there, the numbers are so minuscule that they don't even count. There aren't even any stats to successfully keep track of to begin with because they're practically nonexistent.

We were sent our own way by women and society.

I'm calling it Men Gone Coping because I'm choosing to Cope, rather than remain in denial as part of a club of, "Men Sent Their Own Way."